Creative Approach

We combine a creativity with a logical approach. A fresh pair of eyes on your business problems often uncovers new opportnities and solutions.

Broad based

We have decades of experience in multiple markets. So can approach problems from multiple angles to give innovative new insights and approaches.

Cost effective

Charging per 15 minute. Free two hour consultation.


Based on the UK South Coast (Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight) for peace of mind, clear and easy communications and collaboration.

What We Do?

We bring your ideas to life, from R&D to design study to proof of concept and onwards into development.

Project Consultancy

Take your idea for business process improvement or a digital product through a design study. Deliver requirements and scoping ready for discussions with potential delivery partners.

Contract R&D

Often it helps to have a fresh view from outside your organisation. As a multi-skilled resource, we can take on your research projects, to keep you moving forward without letting your business slip backward.

Technical Best Practice

Audit and review your in-house technical processes. Upgrade to the latest methodologies to improve quality and productivity


Full stack web and native app development, database consulancy, embedded electronics systems, DevOps, cloud configuration and development.

Our Recent Works

Consultancy, scoping, mobile app client and server, native app, IoT and Python data stack projects.

GPEP Musculoskeletal rehabilitation App

Consulting on commercial models, project planning, management. Dveloping rehabilitation app with social media extensions & Python based server.

Signly Ltd

Early stage consulting on how to take ideas to product. Content creation, Azure DevOps, system architecture.

Transport IoT

Assisting a rail infrastructure supplier in negotiation of a large new IoT rolling stock contract.

Anytide App

Native android and iOS development, modifications to the National Oceanography Centre AnyTide app.

Management Consultancy

Regularly review AMT Marketing Ltd digital strategy. Manage contractors for web presence and business IT services.

Skunk Works

Internal projects keep us on our toes. Our current idea involves the Monzo API and merchant ESG (environmental, sustainability and governance) scores.

Latest from our blog

Read on for thoughts on technology, business and
generally cool stuff.

ESG Money (part 2)

We discuss why ESG Money won't stop us munching on our carrot shaped sticks. Social coins, smart contracts and a 'self owning' forest...

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How to manage software projects ...

... part II of our guide for the non technical tech entrepreneur. Managing software and software development teams.

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What is Source Code ..

... and where do I find it ? A guide for the non technical tech entrepreneur. First of a two parter. Includes ownership issues.

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ESG Money.

A thought experiment on turning money, aka our universal means of exchange into a universal means of change. Or "what happens when you combine the Monzo API, and merchant ESG scores".

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